Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Dr. Strangeloop- Are We Lost Mammals of an Approaching Transcendental* Epoch

Ceci, n'est pas une poste musique.

SPOILER ALERT: TNP has come over all shoegazy/cod-philosophical, don't say you weren't warned...

So Dr. Strangeloop is apparently a video artist associated with the Brainfeeder label of Flying Lotus et al. That, and the combination of the cover & the reference to a certain Peter Sellers film, was enough to get me intrigued. And at first listen I was pleasantly sucked in, flitting back to the wonderful, prone prose of Cormac McCarthy's The Road with occasional detours to Mitchell & Webb's current post-apocalyptic gameshow skit, and generally remaining indoors.

But, but and but again, Dear Reader, another look at the title brings a pleasant rush. Strangloop, as in a strange loop? As in Godel/Russell/Borges/Pynchon/Computability and all that fuels my Friday pub conversation in the Babbity's with jk? Listens again. Yup, I do believe it slinks along on Shepard tones.Which also feature in Super Mario 64 apparently (thanks Wikipedia!)

Circumlocution truncated, this is an immense piece of music that syncs in with all kinds of my own weird intellectual interests, and sounds a lot like I feel post-rock oughta in the Year of Our Lord 2009 (it's not post-rock, honest). Purchase of the year thus far.

*Ralph Waldo Emerson was not plagiarised in this post.

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